Celebrate Your Smile with CEREC

Get fast false teeth fittings with CEREC

Until recently, replacement teeth procedures could be a right hassle and take up to two whole weeks! CEREC is amazing because it lets you get crowns and veneers designed, made and fitted all in one session.

Crown and veneer work used to take forever because your dentist had to take impressions with x-rays and putty, then send these off to the lab, leaving you to wait ages for your new teeth. CEREC uses modern digital technology to take a snazzy 3D image of your teeth. Instead of sending this to a dental lab, they go straight to an online milling machine which makes your new teeth in just six minutes!

This means you can have your new crown or veneers in about an hour and you won’t have to wear temporary restorations while you wait. You might be surprised to find that CEREC treatments cost roughly the same as tradiional treatments, even though it uses super modern technology!