Broken Dentures

Due to the massive impact that broken dentures can have on your life, the damage is considered a dental emergency. We offer 24H emergency dental services and can help you repair your broken denture quickly and efficiently.

Our dentists and specialists can help you with if:

  • You lost a tooth from your dentures;
  • A tooth on your dentures broke;
  • A tooth fell off your dentures;
  • Your dentures cracked.

It is essential not to try and repair cracked dentures yourself. Even a minor misalignment in the fixed dentures can create a lack of suction, which in turn can lead to the dentures breaking again soon after you have repaired them or even causing damage inside your mouth.

Broken Dentures
What should I do if my denture breaks?

What should I do if my denture breaks?

If your denture breaks, you must see a dentist for repair immediately. There is a strong chance that your denture may break during hours that your dentist is typically closed. For situations like these, we offer a 24-hour emergency denture repair clinic, repairing your broken dentures within the same day. If, however, the damage is extensive, more time may be necessary to repair your dentures.

If you have broken dentures, call 020 7486 1047 now to book your emergency appointment.

Can your broken dentures be repaired?

The general answer to this question is yes, repairing is possible. Nonetheless, the answer for each case will depend on the severity of the breakage. If you have a broken or cracked tooth on your dentures, then the fix is almost 100% possible.

If your dentures have cracked in two, however, the case may prove to be more complex. For dentures to serve their purpose, a perfect fit inside the mouth is necessary to allow them to remain stable by creating suction against the gum. When the integrity of the denture is damaged, the suction can also suffer. A professionalist must conduct the repair and secure a good fit of the dentures.

Can your broken dentures be repaired?
Broken denture tooth

Broken denture tooth

If one of the teeth from your denture has fallen off, but you still have it, you can attempt to repair it yourself. Please ensure that you are using glue from a denture repair kit and that no clue will fall onto the denture surface that touches the gum.

To complete this, follow the steps below:

  • Remove the denture and dry it thoroughly;
  • Ensure the tooth is also dry and apply a tiny drop of glue on it;
  • Carefully attach the tooth back to the denture;
  • Remove any glue excess as soon as possible and let dry;
  • Do not place the denture back in your mouth right away.
  • Allow sufficient time for the glue to dry out.

To ensure the tooth is stable, you can gently apply pressure on all teeth simultaneously with your palm.

* Even if you were able to repair your broken tooth, we still recommend visiting us for a proper repair. The glue from a denture repair kit can provide short-term stability to dentures.

Do not wear your broken dentures!

Accidents tend to happen in the most inconvenient of times, and breaking your dentures is likely not going to be an exception. Nonetheless, it is essential to remove your dentures from your mouth, especially if they crack.

If you retain the dentures in your mouth, you take a significant risk, including choking on a piece of the denture or damaging your gums or palate. If your denture breaks during chewing, spit the food and remove the denture immediately. Rinse your mouth carefully with water, trying not to swallow. Gently wash your denture from any food still on it and book an appointment with us to have it repaired.

Do not wear your broken dentures!

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