At 24 hour, we offer a range of treatments to suit your dental needs.

* The below is a simple fee scale, any other items of treatment not on the fee scale, please call the practice to discuss. Also, the treating dentist will always confirm costs prior to the provision of treatment.

Emergency Consultation does not include full mouth check-up
Full mouth check-up
Implant Consultation
Orthodontic Consultation


Small X-Rays
Panoramic X-Ray


Fillings (transitional / permanent)
£125 - £695


Incisor/Canine/Premolar & Molar (non-wisdom)
£150 - £595
Simple Wisdom Tooth (Upper)
Simple Wisdom Tooth (Lower)
Complicated Upper & Lower Wisdom Tooth
£450 – £695

Hygiene Sessions

Scale & Polish (30min)

Whitening (Enlighten)

Combination Whitening
Home Whitening
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