I am very happy to unreservedly recommend Dr. Boulis to anyone considering cosmetic dental surgery. I had been troubled for a long time about the appearance of my teeth and was finally prompted to get some major treatment when one of them broke leaving an unsightly gap. After deliberating for several weeks about it, I eventually opted for the Baker Street Dental Clinic. I had previously got information about dentistry in Budapest and also made appointments with dentists locally. In fact, the initial ‘consultation’ offered by one of these was with a receptionist who merely quoted huge sums of money without so much as looking in my mouth! At this stage, I was not feeling very inspired.

I felt very uncertain how best to proceed, but something drew me to Baker Street (perhaps it was nostalgia and childhood memories!) and I instinctively felt optimistic and positive because of a very simple, straightforward and no-nonsense approach.

The first appointment was speedily arranged at a very convenient time for me as I was travelling up from Essex and I was convinced that the clinic was offering a first class service and value for money. From the first moment you meet Dr. Boulis, however, you are also aware that you are in the presence of a wonderfully gifted professional person and, dare I say, artist.

In the space of a few minutes Dr. Boulis gave me more information about my exact requirements and the technical side of things than all of the other experts combined and it was an easy decision to begin the treatment immediately, which Dr. Boulis kindly arranged. I was told the exact cost to a penny, which none of the others would state, and also recommended to have zirconia rather than porcelain veneers. I was a bit unsure as I hadn’t heard of them before, but Dr. Boulis allowed me to look it up on the internet and I was reassured that I was getting the best product out there.

Well, no sane person says they actually enjoy visiting the dentist, and there was a bit of discomfort, but I actually DID enjoy the couple of hours or so it took to make the impressions of my teeth and install temporary crowns and veneers. Dr. Boulis and his assistants are so client focused and with an eclectic mix of background music, good humour and wisdom, we sailed through.

The next appointment was arranged for a couple of weeks later (it could have been much sooner but I was going away) and I duly arrived for the ‘moment of truth’. I was actually worried that it had all gone wrong and that more of my teeth had broken but these were only bits of temporary veneer! Again, Dr. Boulis was immediately reassuring and put me at ease that everything was fine. It took little over half an hour before I was shown my ‘Hollywood smile’ for the first time. The process really is that quick… But don’t be fooled; the quality of workmanship, attention to detail and, as I say, sheer artistry of this man is amazing. My mouth was numb and contorted because of the inoculations and, when I saw my gleaming new teeth, the picture in the mirror was a bit distorted to say the least! I also thought that two of the teeth were too long (like Dracula’s fangs!) but Dr. Boulis straight away filed these to match the rest and then, as my facial muscles became more relaxed and natural, it really dawned on me what an incredible transformation had been effected. For the first time ever, my teeth feel strong and great but the main thing is how they look. The response from colleagues, friends and family has been overwhelmingly positive.

As a professional person my appearance is very important and the renewed confidence my treatment has given me is priceless. Something inside told me to trust Dr. Boulis. He is a great man and genius and I thank my lucky stars!

Adrian Hayes

I broke my cosmetic filling Bank Holiday Monday and I was so surprised that someone in the Clinic who was very helpful answered the phone. I was just trying my luck when I found the website from google. The website is very informative.

I was early for my 9 AM appointment and was seen immediately.

After examination, Dr. Abel explained what he will do and the costs. He was very approachable, accommodating and understanding on my concerns. After the x ray, the procedure was done. Photos were taken before and after. I was so surprised and very pleased with the result. Dr. Abel was excellent and very professional. Obviously, Dr. Abel is very skilful and have the mastery of his profession.

After the procedure, Dr. Abel also answered my other questions such as Dental Insurance. The receptionist also was very friendly. The Clinic looked so clean and comfortable. A brochure of the services would be helpful to be given to the clients specially for older patients with no internet access.

Because of my overall positive experience, I have decided to come back there for my regular dental check up and dental hygiene in this lovely, friendly and excellent Dental Clinic.

Sebastian Bittar

3 years ago my (then 7 year old) daughter fell badly on a school trip and broke one of her front teeth in half, a very traumatic experience for her (and me!). I needed to find an emergency reconstructive dentist in central London, and fast. After two or three calls and a bit of google searching, the name of Dr Habib at the Baker Street surgery kept cropping up so I took my daughter to him. Despite her being traumatised and in some discomfort, Dr Habib’s gentle manner and complete professionalism ensured that 45 minutes later she emerged with a virtually perfect repair and smiling again. 3 years later, we can hardly believe that one of her front teeth is a rebuild, it is simply a work of art.

So when I developed a really nasty abscess over Christmas and stupidly decided to leave it until I got back from my skiing break (BIG mistake, I came within 24 hours of septicemia), and then needed emergency dental treatment, I knew exactly where to go. Dr Habib cleared and treated the abscess and within a week everything was as clean as a whistle. I was expecting the procedure to be very uncomfortable as my whole face had swollen up and I was in a lot of pain, but apart from a slight sting from the injection (to be expected, the state my mouth was in), the whole thing was over pretty quickly and with minimum fuss. Another high score for Dr Habib in my book. Even though the powerful antibiotics he prescribed meant that I was alcohol free for the week over New Year – bad timing.

So next I was booked in to see Professor Francesco a week or so later, once everything had calmed down, to have the root canal procedure. Naturally, I was not looking forward to this at all having had a very unpleasant experience with root canal some years ago. Prof Francesco got me in the chair, and made a couple of miniscule injections which I did not even feel. He then proceeded to go about his work looking through a microscope next to my mouth, using what felt like the tiniest instruments in the world, in fact I could hardly feel what he was doing. He had classical music playing and the next thing I knew I was being woken up by him and being told it was all done. I had simply fallen asleep and slept through the entire process. Yes, I slept through my own root canal treatment, believe it or not. I still find it incredible but he told me it was quite common. I believe him.

The injections he had given me were single-tooth specific, and so I did not have that thick side of the head numbness I was expecting. Within 30 minutes of leaving the surgery, I could hardly believe I had been to the dentist at all.

So a week later I was back to have the crown preparation work done. This time, Dr Boulis was the guy in charge. Once again, total professionalism and competence. What I liked most was that he explained everything that was about to happen, in a clear and precise manner. The one slightly uncomfortable part of the procedure (where I think he was drilling the hole for the metal pin into my jaw?) he made it by simply counting down from ten (ten, nine, eight, seven…) so I knew exactly how much longer it would continue. What a brilliant trick. Not that it hurt (there was no nerve) but it was a bit uncomfortable. The best thing about it was that the entire thing was done without any anesthetic at all, as Dr Boulis explained “no nerve, therefore no pain”.

It was all over in 20 minutes. A week later, I returned to have the crown fitted, a simple procedure which took all of ten minutes. A perfect result, and I am absolutely delighted with it.

I cannot praise the dentists at Baker Street enough. Absolute professionalism in everything they do, and a totally painless experience. The only pain I experienced was my own fault in leaving the abscess so long that my face was a swollen mass of red. Can’t blame anyone else for that hurting a bit.

Whatever dental treatment my family or I might need in the future, I know exactly where I will be going. Thank you very much to the fantastic team at Baker Street.

Dan Murphy

I would like to thank to Dr Giuliana Pecorella and the staff in Baker Street Dental Clinic for the hospitality and excellent work. I used to have a gap between my teeth. After a year of having Invisalign treatment, I am very satisfied with my smile now thank you to Dr Giuliana Pecorella. I would totally recommend her service to my friends.

Nga Phan

I had quite a bad accident and required emergency dental treatment which ended up being quite a long process. I am usually very nervous in the dentist chair – even for small treatments – but Dr Samar made me feel calm and relaxed throughout the whole process. My treatment involved having my front teeth replaced with crowns and I am so pleased with the outcome. Dr Samar was so precise – the crowns look so natural. I will definitely continue to go to Dr Samar and recommend her to friends.
Kind regards



I just want to thank your wonderful clinic for treating me so quickly last Friday evening. I rang up at 4pm in agony. I got an appointment and my tooth and massive abscess out by 8pm. I received excellent treatment from a female dentist who was very thorough in assessing the situation and after seeing that the abscess on the xray was too big for her to take out she got hold of a wonderful oral surgeon, Dr Habib.

I was so nervous about having my tooth extracted by someone I had no knowledge of, but I really needn’t have worried as this man is a total expert. He explained everything so confidently and had my tooth out before I knew it. I actually left the clinic feeling elated to be relieved of the pain and so lucky that I had Dr Habib take it out. My own dentist who was making me wait three weeks, would have not done anywhere near as good a job.

After feeling so nervous because I had just found this practice on the internet, I have no hesitation in recommending their expertly professional dental clinic who delivered such an efficient, practical and most importantly pain free service.

Thank you

Raewyn Harrison


I had my teeth done yesterday by Dr.Boulis at the baker street surger. Dr.Boulis is an outstanding dentist. I have always been shy and embarrassed about my teeth. However, now I have the most amazing set of teeth. I dont even recognise myself. It has changed me completely. I\’d like to say thanks to Dr.Boulis for being so efficient and so welcoming and professional. He did an amazing job and made me feel extremely comfortable in the process. I highly recommend his quality service.

Thanks again.

Rory Barraclough

I would like to thank Dr.Samar for her work. I opted for the composite veneers treatment to close the gaps in my teeth. From the consultation until the day of the treatment Dr.Samar had presented me with a positive and friendly energy, making the experience more exiting and rewarding for me. The end result was fantastic! And came out even better than I expected. I was extremely pleased by what Dr.Samar had been able to achieve with her high level of expertise. I now have a great confident smile thanks to Dr.Samar, and I thoroughly enjoyed the experience. I would recommend her great work to friends and family, and I will definitely be visiting her for future dental treatments.

Thank you very much,

Aisha Niwaz

Hi Dr Giuliana,

The Invisalign process was fully explained by Dr Giuliana Pecorella. Whenever I had questions and I had many, it was essential that I felt I had a strong relationship with the Orthodontist and this was certainly true. Furthermore, at all times Dr Giuliana explained what she would be doing during the appointments and I felt confident and reassured that I was in good hands. Appointments were always kept and I rarely had to wait to be seen which I was delighted with. With regard to the treatment I can clearly see a major improvement and am fully satisfied with the results. In summary I found Dr Giuliana to be highly competent, passionate about her work and furthermore, friendly and easy to approach. I would fully recommend her services to others.

Mark Bission

I would like to unreservedly recommend Dr. Samuel Boulis to anyone requiring dental surgery. The Staff at the Baker Street Dental Clinic handled my appointment with first class professionalism. On meeting Dr Boulis, I was made to feel very relaxed and soon realised that I was being treated by an experienced and accomplished professional, who took his work very seriously. His ‘no nonsense’ approach was clearly evident in advising me on the most up to date treatment available.

Dr. Boulis explained to me what the best course of treatment was required in a language which wasn’t too technical yet easy enough to inform my ultimate decision. Both Dr. Boulis and his assistants are the epitome of professionalism. They combine a good sense of humour with care, approachability and understanding , explaining each step of the process, which was very reassuring.

The quality of workmanship and attention to detail of Dr Boulis is absolutely amazing. The procedure to replace my filling was undertaken in two appointments. The first being used for the application of a temporary filling whilst a porcelain veneer, which was tooth was by Dr Boulis, was in the process of being constructed by the Dental technician On my second visit, the temporary filling was removed painlessly and the new veneer fitted with great success.

I can only recommend Dr Boulis and his Team highly for for such a fantastic job well done!!! Thank You for restoring my confidence and ability to smile again!!!

Mr Lorram Black

Dr Giuliana has done an amazing job on my teeth I feel a lot more confident and better with myself for having had the procedure done.

I did visit multiple dentists who stated that they could not help me. However, that Dr Giuliana helped me and did an amazing job.

Over the years I have appeared in multiple national newspapers and I had never smiled in the pictures due to the way my teeth used to look. However, now thanks to Dr Giuliana I feel more confident and happy to smile at any time, she has done an amazing job.

Thank you very much!

Jazz Tatter

I broke my tooth in the morning. I called the clinic and i was attended already at noon in baker street clinic by Dr. Abel who was a very nice, knowledgeable doctor who fixed my tooth quickly. I am very happy and satisfied about this service.

Alicja Mizerer

Dr Giuliana is a wonderful orthodontist. She understood and heard all of my fears. She gave me a very good advice. It is great to have an orthodontist like her. I recommend her to everyone. Thanks a lot.

Raoudha Mairos

I broke my cosmetic filling Bank Holiday Monday and I was so surprised that someone in the Clinic who was very helpful answered the phone. I was just trying my luck when I found the website from google. The website is very informative.

I was early for my 9 AM appointment and was seen immediately.

After examination, Dr. Abel explained what he will do and the costs. He was very approachable, accommodating and understanding on my concerns. After the x ray, the procedure was done. Photos were taken before and after. I was so surprised and very pleased with the result. Dr. Abel was excellent and very professional. Obviously, Dr. Abel is very skilful and have the mastery of his profession.

After the procedure, Dr. Abel also answered my other questions such as Dental Insurance. The receptionist also was very friendly. The Clinic looked so clean and comfortable. A brochure of the services would be helpful to be given to the clients specially for older patients with no internet access.

Because of my overall positive experience, I have decided to come back there for my regular dental check up and dental hygiene in this lovely, friendly and excellent Dental Clinic.

Angelo Batoon

I Just would like to say a great, big, massive thank you to Dr Giuliana for completely changing my smile. It has brought a whole new confidence to my life. I really felt cared for whilst under her care. Dr Giuliana always provided me with information and choices with regards to my treatment. I would highly recommend he to anyone wanting orthodontic treatment and general tooth hygiene. Dr Giuliana went beyond her call as an orthodontist by understanding my role as a mother and conveniently rearranged appointments to suit me best. I really appreciate that. I can really say from the bottom of my heart she is amazing and I hope we keep in touch. Thanks so much Dr Giuliana – Your a star!

Kathleen Foster

Many Thanks To Dr Habib, On Christmas Eve I was in incredible agony having seen two previous dentists unable to solve the problem. His listening and methodical approach allowed us to find the elusive source of the problem. An expert root canal treatment solved the problem quickly. The nurse was so adept that I almost did not notice her presence.

Patrick McManus

I went to see Dr Boulis after my teenager son started giving me adverts for cosmetic dentistry! What a wake up call! I have always hated my teeth but felt I stuck with them. I went for my initial consultation feeling very nervous as I am in the generation of people who ‘hate dentists’. However the process was simple quick and totally painless. Within a very short time I had my fabulous new veneers. I felt transformed and the teeth transformed my life. I smile more( just to show them off) and guess what people smile back. This has massively increased my confidence and I can only thank Dr Boulis for his expertise and encouragement.

Kate Lord

I would like thank Dr Giuliana on a fantastic job completely changing my smile. The results are way better than I could have hoped. I had braces in my teenage years. In the intervening twenty years my teeth had moved so much that I had really bad overcrowding and crossing on both my upper and lower jaw. After one year of Invisalign treatment Dr Giuliana has straightened the teeth out and I now have perfectly even teeth with no gaps and no crowding. Most importantly I have my smile back!

Dr Giuliana is extremely polite, courteous and professional and takes the time to explain clearly each procedure before carrying it out and is always concerned with your comfort throughout.

I would not hesitate for a moment in recommending the services of Dr Giuliana Pecorella and The Whiter Smile Dental Clinic.


Seering dental pain lead me through a series of medical hoops – from various emergency dentists to my own local hospital. I was in agony. I knew that one of my nerves is dying but none of the dentists I’d seen could locate the exact root of the pain. One dentist drilled into the wrong tooth, the next extracted the wrong tooth then, perplexed that I was still in pain, he refered me to the local hospital – who further misdiagnosed the cause of the trouble. Exasperated – I stumbled upon the Baker Street Dental Group. Dr Habib realised that it was going to be tricky detective job. He Knew that the ‘refereed’ pain might be difficult to locate. But he presevered and soon I was on the road to painless recovery. So all in all an impressive team and practice. They picked up the baton where all the other practices I’d seen have failed and ended a week of my own personal agony.

Richard Parry

Dear Dr Boulis,

I would like to thank you so much for my new smile. I finally have the confidence to laugh without hiding my teeth.

My veneers look and feel so natural thanks to you, not only being a brilliant dentist but also a perfectionist.

Your professionalism, good advice and kind nature made feel at ease at all times throughout the procedure.

I am so glad I followed my instincts after meeting you at my first consultation, I feel that I definitely chose the best dentist.

Kind regards

Karen Sangha

Having agreed to follow the offered treatment with Dr Giuliana Pecorella, I speedily began to see evident results. Previous orthodontists offered to take on treatment only with extractions of teeth – something I unequivocally did not agree with. Dr Pecorella, however, straightened both my top and bottom arches keeping all my teeth in place.

Dr Pecorella always encouraged me to look after my teeth and, if truth be told, I could have done better, though on each of my visits you fixed all the details that I did not look after myself. One thing I cannot fault is Dr Pecorella’s professionalism – SHE AIMS FOR PERFECTION which has paid off brilliantly as she has given me a smile that I am extremely grateful for. The environment of both the Earls Court and Baker Street clinics was comfortable and welcoming and I have very much appreciated Dr Pecorella’s high standard of orthodontistry.

With thanks,

Sergei Tugarinov

I had suffered more than twenty years since I broke a front tooth. I was always visiting dentists but they never got it right. Finally I met Dr Boulis when I had to take a wisdom tooth. I realy liked Dr Boulis and he made me feel at ease. I have put four crowns at the front to make it all look perfect. I’m really happy I found a permanent solution to my problem and now I feel I can smile again.


After comparing some dental clinics in London, I chose Dr. Giuliana to be my orthodontist. She has always been very professional and helpful. Explaining the interventions prior to proceeding them, and then giving you very detailed and good advice for home, has helped to achieve the results that I was expecting. Within a year of treatment, she has been checking me every month or even every three weeks and always available by phone or email. I am very happy with the results obtained in such a short time and I would highly recommend Dr. Giuliana to anybody thinking about orthodontic treatment. Thank you.

Ariadna Abad

I came to the Baker Street Dental clinic very late at night on a Friday in severe pain, following a trauma to my tooth which other dentists told me to deal with through antibiotics and painkillers until I could make an appointment with one of their ‘specialists’. This was not possible as the pain was sending me mad, and I was in such a state that a taxi ride straight to any dentist I could find open was my only option! Luckily I came upon Dr Samar who straight away put me at ease and identified the cause of the problem. I had no hesitation in letting her get to work immediately, despite having a fear of dentists, such was her reassuring nature. I have returned to Dr Samar for subsequent treatments and recommended her to friends and family also. Thank you.


I love my new veneers they look so natural I was worried about you giving me veneers that were too white as I wanted a natural look, I am so glad that they look so perfect, I look forward to meeting you again for my check ups.

Karen sykes.

I would like to thank Dr Giuliana Pecorella for giving me the most wonderful smile. Her professionalism and her competence as an Orthodontist is simply outstanding. I was treated exceptionally well at all my appointments. The whole orthodontic experience has surpassed my expectations. I would recommend Dr Giuliana Pecorella to all my friends and relatives because she was very approachable and gave me appropriate advice about my smile.

Raakhee Chavda

This may sound like a strange thing to say, but many thanks to Dr Habib for pulling my tooth out! I needed a tooth extraction as part of my orthodontic work (currently being carried out by the excellent Dr Martha at Baker Street Dental Clinic). I have had extractions before, but even so I felt a twinge of worry when I turned up. Dr Habib made the whole process so easy and quick – he explained everything that he was about to do, and was so skilled that there was almost no pain. The whole process took about 15 minutes. Many thanks to Dr Habib and the team.


Dr Giuliana created an excellent level of trust from our first meeting onwards and made the decision to go forward with the Invisalign treatment really easy- by explaining in detail all the steps involved she ensured that I had very clear expectations of the process and I have been extremely pleased with the overall results achieved and the significant improvement to my smile. In summary Dr Giuliana is a very professional orthodontist -one who cares deeply about the patients she is treating as well as striving to improve the effectiveness of the Invisalign system and I certainly have no hesitation in recommending her services.

Best regards,

Jeremy Parsons

I had major dental issues throughout my pregnancy. In my 34th week, I had an emergency in my teeth and I am glad to have met Dr. Samar. She immediately understood the issues and provided the required treatment (including nerve dead, antbiotic dressing, fillings etc) which relieved my pain. Also, she was very patient with me and it was worthwhile to travel all the way to Baker Street. I want to see Dr. Samar for all my future dental treatments and recommend her to everyone.


Dear Dr. Boulis,

Never thought I would actually thank someone for performing root canal therapy.

Thank-you for the wonderful job you did for me.

Goodness!!! What a difference a week makes – almost back to normal!

Thank you,

M. W.

In mid-December, I came to Baker Street Dental Clinic as an emergency patient. Diagnosis required several states of treatment involving X-rays, antibiotics, root canal treatment and a crown.

The entire procedure from A-Z was spot-on, well explained and reliable. But what impressed me even more was the commitment to combine utter professionalism with genuine care for the patient. I’d like to thank Dr Samar for the excellent treatment and advice, Dr Carlos for one stage of the treatment and staff at the reception for their friendliness and efficiency.

Needless to say – I continue to book appointments with Baker Street Dental Clinic because I feel that I am in good hands there.


Dear Dr Ngan Huynh,
Thanks for your skills, professionalism, friendliness and giving me superb results! What more can I say, I just love it! You’re the best!


I would like to say how impressed with Dr Giuliana Pecorella. She immediately puts you at ease, and is professional and courtesy. Nothing is too much trouble. I have been undergoing treatment since 2003 in various places in the US and UK, and am immensely proud and happy now when people comment on my lovely smile and even teeth. She has certainly played a part in this.

Thank you very much.


Lesley Craig

Dear Doctor Habib,
I would like to thank you for the miracle removal of my wisdom tooth on Tuesday 18th May. I was in excrutiating pain and I was advised to wait for 1 week by my NHS dentist taking the antibiotic last Monday. I couldn’t sleep, work, simply do nothing. My friend found you on the internet and I had appintment in 2 hrs time! When I arrived I was advised that it will take only a minute. I couldbn’t beliebve that. However, it prooved to be true: the anaestethics injections took 5 minutes and the removal of the tooth only 1 minute. You are the best dental surgeon I have ever had and I recommend you to all my friends and colleagues. God bless!

Kate SZ

Dear Dr Ngan Huynh,
My introduction to cosmetic dental treatment started 12 years ago, due to gappy and discoloured teeth I decided to have the front 6 veneered. As the years went on 3 of them were replaced with crowns and 10 years later I decided to have them redone as the original work was looking past its best.

I researched several clinics and decided to have the work done abroad in order to save a significant amount of money. Once I’d had the initial consultation in London, I flew off to Croatia to begin the work and opted for 3 veneers and 3 crowns, all made from Zircon, a strong, hard wearing, dense material that some clinics advertise as a great alternative to porcelain.

After a total of 3 trips, the work was complete and although, not a bad job, it wasn’t what I’d hoped for and looked very average, not the Hollywood smile I was expecting.

It’s fair to say I was disappointed with the zircon and the overall finish and considered my options. Finally I decided to contact British dental clinics and begin pricing up what it would cost me to re-do the work, it was during these enquiries that I had a consultation with Dr Boulis at the Baker Street dental practice and referred to Dr Huynh.

Right from the beginning, Dr Huynh provided a thorough and high end consultation and recognised that I was a “discerning” client and was fearful of throwing good money after bad and ending up with another average dental job. He offered time and patience to ensure that everything was right from the shape to the colour. He built up the existing veneers with resin to help me gage what the finished job would look like and even arranged for me to visit the technician personally for added peace of mind.

Dr Huynh completed the work as agreed and for the price agreed with no additional hidden extras. The final work was outstanding and still looks great a year on. As soon as I saw the finished job, I thought that’s what I’m talking about!

I have learned through my experiences that you really do get what you pay for in dentistry, and would highly recommend Dr Huynh as one of the best in terms of quality, affordability and overall finish.”


Hello Dr Habib,
I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the kindness, gentleness and excellent and outstanding dental work on removing my root surgically on Friday. You gentle and kind approach but yet strong and precise treatment really made me feel like not a number in your chair but a human being. I would like to salute such a Doctor as you and once again express my deepest gratitude. I have already told everyone I know all about you so I know they will also be in the best hands.

God bless you and keep you and all my best regards until I return for the next treatment once I have healed well.


This message is for all nervous patients. On Sunday 27th of december I was in excrucating pain with a broken tooth and nerve damage. After visiting our local hospital, and recieving no help, we made an appointment for two hours later,at the baker st surgery. Because the roads were clear we arrived one and a half hours early for my appointment. Thankfully I was seen more or less right away I was treated by Dr Boulis, now normally I have to be put to sleep even for a filling, I am the worst kind of patient, but I have to admit pain was greater than my fear. But Dr Boulis was so kind and really treated my fear as well as my pain. He removed my tooth within ten minutes. The man should be elevated to the status of a God. I wouldn’t say he has cured my fear totally, but he has made it a little easier. I can honestly recommend him to all nervous patients. Thank you so much.

Lesley Seymour

This is a testimonial for Dr. S. HABIB. This morning when I arrived at the practice, I was really scared about my wisdom tooth extraction as I had a very bad experience on a previous one. However, Dr. Habib, with his very strong confidence arising from what I can imagine to be years and years of seamless practice, really made me feel calm and at ease. The least I could say is that I was not disappointed at all. After far less time than what he told me, he firmly removed the teeth without making me feel any pain or discomfort. What I want to stress here is that on top of his excellent excellent skills Dr. Habib has also the very important soft skills which make the moment you spend on the chair almost enjoyable!

Othman Alaoui

I found the treatment at your Baker street clinic thoroughly enjoyable and professional experience start to finish. It was refreshing to find a dental clinic with such high standards of work that could also provide a very personal and caring treatment environment. Everything was explained to me step by step and I was given the chance to ask my questions at every stage, I am so happy with my new smile and would recommend anyone to have their cosmetic dentistry here.

AK Jackson

Just a quick note to say thanks to Dr Boulis and your team for making my dental experince totally relaxing and “painless” I did not feel a thing at all!

C Perisnon

Just a quick note to let you know how warm and welcoming I found your staff. The whole team made me feel so comfortable considering was was so nervous about my appointment I couldnt sleep the night before. Thank you so much for looking after me.

K Parnel

Dear Dr Boulis,

Thank you so much for my lovely new teeth im smiling from, ear to ear I have so much more confidence now thanks to you, Love and kisses

Jackie xxx

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