Lost or broken dental veneer

If you have dental veneers and have suffered a dental trauma resulting in the loss or debonding of a veneer, contact our friendly receptionist staff to book an emergency appointment.

Same-day Ceramic Veneers

With an on-site CEREC technology, we can now provide you with a same-day ceramic veneer replacement in just one visit to the clinic.

Composite veneers

Fast and cost-efficient treatment option for a large number of dental issues.

Lost or broken dental veneer
Ceramic dental veneers

Ceramic dental veneers

Ceramic veneers are a common choice amongst patients seeking a complete smile makeover. Often seen on celebrities and public figures, they create stunning-looking smiles and help many people get their confidence back.

For the application of a ceramic veneer, part of the original tooth’s enamel typically needs to be shaved down. Once enough space is created, the veneer is bonded to the tooth using dental cement. Although the application of dental veneers is considered very steady, there’s always a risk of the veneer falling off.

To help patients who have lost a ceramic veneer, we offer same-day veneer replacement made possible by an on-site CEREC technology. After the dentists examine the surface of your tooth, we create a 3D model or the needed restoration, which is then sent to an on-site milling machine. The machine creates the restoration of a single ceramic block, after which the dentist bonds it in the place of the original veneer.

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Composite veneers

Composite veneers are a suitable treatment for a large number of dental issues, including closing a gap, complete smile makeover, tooth discolouration, teeth sensitivity, and others. Unlike ceramic veneers, the composite veneer is not made separately and attached to the tooth with a bonding agent. Instead, the veneer is built up over the natural tooth layer by layer, using a special dental composite created particularly for this purpose.

Although composite and ceramic dental veneers have a similar lifespan and require a review every year, composite veneers can be the patient’s choice when seeking more naturally-looking results.

If you have composite veneers and have suffered a trauma or require a review of your veneers, call our friendly receptionist staff to book an appointment or use the button below to book online.

For more information on dental bonding, please click here.

Composite veneers

Questions and Answers

  • Lost veneer

    If you have lost a veneer, do not postpone visiting the dentist. If your teeth have been shaved down for the application of veneers (a typical procedure), the loss of one or more of the restorations means that the dentine of your teeth may be exposed, and the lack of intervention can cause more complex dental issues.

  • I had my veneers done abroad. Will you still be able to help me?

    We have an on-site CEREC machine and work with a composite veneer specialist with more than 30 years of experience, which makes us fairly confident that we will be able to help you.

  • I am planning on having veneers done abroad. Can I come to your for maintenance?

    There are plenty of brands of veneers (ceramic and porcelain) available on the market, and every dentist chooses one or a few to work with. This is why it may prove challenging to receive additional treatment from a dentist if you’ve had your veneers done in a different country. We would not deny assistance to anyone in need, but we urge you to have dental treatments completed in the country of your residency where possible.

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