Why Green Dentistry?

24 Hour Emergency Dentist Group approach to green dentistry is a high-tech approach, utilizing advanced technologies and Artificial Intelligence (AI). This, in turn, reduces the environmental impact of all our dental clinics and encompasses a service model that supports and maintains wellness.

For all of us at 24h Emergency Dentistry, Green Dentistry is not merely a campaign, but a way of being. We approach every single task we do with consideration for the environment and our planet and aim to truly lead by example. We continuously strive to improve our operations and minimise our carbon emissions. Instead of implementing a single-line approach to green dentistry and focusing only on our own impact, we educate and encourage both patients and team members to focus on self-care and greater consciousness.

Our approach combines conventional and non-conventional methods alike, all leading to reduced waste, reduced use of electricity and water, minimised transportation, and more.

Why Green Dentistry?

Actions and not just words

When the well-being of the environment, we so deeply love is at stake, we take everything seriously. Find below the methods we've implemented to ensure we truly stand behind the words Green Dentistry.

Camden Climate Change Alliance Members

To connect with like-minded individuals and businesses we have joined the Camden Climate Change Alliance in our continuous strive to learn from the best and adopt new technologies and methodologies to reduce carbon footprint.

Reverse Osmosis for Water Purification

Instead of using energy-demanding distillers with high levels of electricity consumption, we use Reverse Osmosis Systems for water purification. These systems rely solely on water pressure and require no electricity.

Completely paperless clinics by 2022

By continuously implementing the latest technology available, we aim to have all of our clinics operate digitally by the year 2020. You can help us achieve this by requesting your records via email.

Recyclable Supplies

For all of our non-clinical needs, all our practices in London use recyclable supplies. We recycle our general trash and always ensure that clinical trash is handled in accordance with regulations.

Power-saving Appliances

We use exclusively power-saving light bulbs throughout all of our clinics, purify water utilising water pressure by Reverse Osmosis Systems, and have invested in dental equipment which requires minimal electricity.

Digital Teeth Impressions

To reduce clinical waste we’ve invested in technology allowing to take digital teeth impressions. This helps minimise the transportation of clinical materials and helps reduce traffic in our beloved London.

Bulk Ordering

To help minimise air pollution in London, we order our supplies in bulk and ensure minimal transportation between clinics, by combining items from different suppliers into a single delivery.

Minimal Carbon Footprint

Every single aspect of our clinics is being improved on, to minimise our carbon footprint and ensure we offer supreme and sustainable services to our patients. At 24h Emergency Dentistry we’re committed to holding our Green Dentistry policy in the heart of everything we do.

Mercury Separating Machines

Mercury separating machines, operating in all of our clinics, function as filters and separate the mercury from amalgam fillings. This process allows the recycling and reusing of some of the materials. Furthermore, this process enables us to reduce the mercury discarded in the central water systems significantly.

Digital X-rays

It is estimated that digital X-ray systems significantly reduce the amount of radiation released to the environment when compared with conventional X-Ray Systems. Also, it is estimated that each dental clinic would prevent the disposal of around 200 litres of toxic dental X-ray fixer and more than 7,200 lead foils over five years. At 24h Emergency, we use Digital X-Rays systems and radiography.

Digital Communication Systems

At 24h Emergency Dentist, we use digital communication systems such as VoIP systems and Online Booking Software. This approach benefits the environment by reducing energy usage, travel, paper usage, and amount of chemical-laden wire to be buried underground. Digitalisation has also allowed us to streamline our services, maximising efficiency and hence improve the patient experience.

Mercury-Free Dentistry

With fillings done only with the finest composite available, we have an utterly mercury-free approach to dentistry, ensuring the health and well-being of our patients remains our priority. In combination with the mercury separating machines, present in all of our clinics, we offer filling replacements that improve oral health while preserving the environment.

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Purified air (virus and pollution free)

To enhance our sterilisation protocols and ensure we provide superb care for our patients, all of our clinics have air purified with the high-end Airvia Pro 150 air filters. The filters utilise a range of advanced technology, allowing us to secure the best possible air quality with real-time monitoring, ionisation of the air (diffusion of negative ions and destruction of viruses and pollution particles), UV sterilisation, and photocatalysis.

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