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For a long time, dentists used amalgam as dental fillings. In recent years, it has been discovered that this black/silver substance is actually harmful to one’s health and could lead to toxicity-related illnesses. The most at risk are children and lactating or pregnant women. Even dentists who used amalgam suffered from mild poisoning as a result of accidental inhalation of amalgam vapours. The symptoms associated with amalgam toxicity even gave birth to the old adage “mad as a hatter” – because the substance was also popular among hatters during the old times.

If you are looking for mercury-free fillings, Baker Street Dental Clinic can provide you with a wide selection that includes ceramics, composites and other mercury-free material. For more information, ask a dentist.

Green Dentistry Policy
Ensuring we operate with ecological materials is part of our Green Dentistry Policy. To learn more about the actions we have taken to ensure Eco-friendly dentistry, please click here.


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