Dealing with Dental Emergencies

The trouble with accidents is that they usually happen unexpectedly. We know all too well that dental injuries can occur at any time of the day which is why we provide a flexible emergency dental care system. We offer urgent same-day appointments as well as access to 24 hour care for registered patients.

Dental injuries

Dental injuries can occur as a result of trauma, road accidents, fighting, playing sport or even biting down on a hard sweet. If you’re in pain, we are here to help and will see you as quickly as we can.

There are many different types of injury that can arise as a result of an accident, poor oral hygiene or unexpected trauma. The first thing we’ll do is examine you to determine the extent of the injury and decide the best course of action. Our aim is to have you pain-free and comfortable as soon as possible.

Types of dental injury and emergency dental problems include jaw injuries, dental abscesses, and broken or dislodged teeth. In some cases, we may provide temporary treatment and then arrange a subsequent appointment to provide a more long-term solution.

What to do if you have a tooth knocked out

If one of your teeth gets knocked out, it may be possible to save the tooth if you are able to get to the practice fast enough. While you are on your way, hold the tooth in a glass of milk or place it in between your gum and the inside of the cheek, and avoid touching the roots of the tooth.