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Wisdom teeth and dental extractions

Commonly the wisdom teeth, in an attempt to erupt, will be prevented in doing so by the teeth in front. As such, the wisdom teeth will remain partially or completely below the line of the gum (also called impaction). This can lead to an infection around the wisdom tooth or lead problems with adjacent teeth.

We offer 24h round the clock wisdom teeth extractions that are carried out by specialist oral surgeons.

We also have a Sirona Digital OPG machine for digital X-rays which enables us to carry out comprehensive diagnostics prior to any teeth extractions.

Sedation is offered for teeth extractions if required.

There are specific guidelines for the removal of these impacted wisdom teeth which the dentist will advise you on.

The procedure requires the gum around the tooth to be lifted back and the bone around the tooth to be selectively removed to allow the wisdom tooth to be removed.

Further guide to Wisdom teeth removal and treatment options

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