Why You Should Have White Fillings Instead of Amalgam Ones

There are many reasons for having a dental filling, whether it be tooth decay or even oral damage. However, the aesthetic drawbacks of metal fillings are unappealing for many people, as visible metal fillings on your teeth may cause a severe loss of confidence.

However, 24-Hour Emergency Dentist now offer ‘white fillings’, also known as composite fillings or bonding, for patients in the City of London. Available for teeth at the front and back of the mouth, this type of filling is made from composite quartz resin and a light-sensitive agent. These fillings can be shaded to match the colour of the surrounding teeth, meaning that the traditional problem of aesthetically unappealing metal fillings is avoided.

Other advantages of white fillings

In addition to being almost ‘invisible’, white fillings are incredibly strong and can easily withstand the pressure exerted by chewing. In fact, it is possible to eat practically immediately after having fillings fitted! After the tooth is cleaned and conditioned, a small amount of resin is added, which bonds to the teeth. After the composite is fitted, it is hardened by exposure to a special light. Given the type of light used at 24 Hour Emergency Dentist, this hardening procedure takes just six seconds. All this requires only one visit, meaning that the fitting of a white filling is a relatively quick procedure too.

Composite or Porcelain inlay

A slightly different procedure, using composite or porcelain inlays, is sometimes used with larger cavities, due to their great strength, and on the teeth at the back of the mouth. Given that they are made in a laboratory and then fitted, this procedure requires two visits, but their strength and longevity means it is worth the extra time.