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Fillings are the most common of all dental procedures. But with the advances in dental technology, fillings today look more natural than before in addition to effectively serving their purpose. Some people tend to get conscious if they have the old, silver fillings. These fillings are rather visible especially if the person laughs or even smile.

Silver Fillings vs. White Fillings: What is Different?

Compared to silver fillings or amalgam, white fillings have a shorter life span. Fortunately, there are white fillings today that contain the same substances as the amalgam, making them last for a longer time. Of course, your white fillings can only last depending on their location on the mouth and how your teeth interact with it.

Replacing Amalgams
Many people will normally consider replacing their amalgams with white fillings for aesthetic purposes. Most dentists also recommend it but only if the silver filling needs to be replaced. If your dentist advices it, then replace your amalgams with the tooth-coloured filling.

There are dentists who have difficulties putting white fillings in the teeth at the back and choose to use silver fillings. If the patient wants to have natural-looking teeth, he could opt for inlays or crowns, which is considerably more expensive and requires the removal of a larger area of the tooth.

Guide to White fillings and cosmetic bonding

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