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Tooth Extraction

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Dentists and specialists, experienced in tooth extraction

At 24H Emergency Dentists, we have been providing same-day tooth extraction service for over 18 years. The service is available to existing and new patients and doesn’t require registration with the practice. You can book an appointment for a tooth extraction 24/7 by giving us a call on 02085638063.

All tooth extractions in our clinics are carried out by dentists and specialists, trained in providing emergency dental services. Sedation, including intravenous sedation, is available for nervous or anxious patients. With an on-site digital X-rays, we carry out a comprehensive diagnostic before every tooth extraction.



How to know if you need a tooth extraction?

A consultation with a dentist will help you determine if a tooth requires extraction. The reasons can be breaking of the tooth beyond repair, severe gum infection, severe caries, or a cosmetic reason such as teeth straightening.

If you have a tooth which has undergone a root canal treatment but can still sense a foul smell coming from it, we strongly recommend consulting with a dentist.

Regular/Routine Tooth Removal

Regular or routine tooth extraction happens when the tooth doesn’t require an extensive procedure; typically valid for most of our front teeth.

The routine tooth extraction procedure only lasts a few minutes. After the dentist completes the diagnoses, he will first apply topical sedation to numb the area of the tooth. To achieve extraction, the dentist will push the tooth slightly to release it from the bone and then pull it out. The procedure is painless and recovery time relatively quick, with most patients never experiencing discomfort.


Surgical Tooth Extraction

Surgical tooth removal may be necessary for most of the teeth located at the back of the jaw, or if the tooth is broken. At 24h Emergency Dentist, you can book a surgical extraction with our oral surgeon, or with any of our highly experienced dentists.

An X-ray will be necessary before any surgical tooth extraction takes place, and the dentist will need to carry out a full dental assessment. For a successful procedure, the tooth may need to be broken in two, and each of the pieces extracted separately. With sedation available (including intravenous sedation for our nervous dental patients), the extraction is entirely pain-free.

Extraction of an impacted tooth

Whether you have an impacted wisdom tooth or an impacted canine, a surgical procedure is required to reduce the risk of complications in your oral and general health.

An oral surgeon conducts the extraction of an impacted tooth after he carries out a full dental assessment. X-ray of the tooth, and in some cases a 3D visualisation of the bone and nerves in the jaw, will be completed before the procedure.


Removal of a wisdom tooth

Wisdom teeth, also known as third molars, are the teeth growing at the back of the gums and are usually the last ones to come through. Extraction of a wisdom tooth is one of the most common surgical, dental procedures.

Our dentists and specialists are highly trained in providing emergency wisdom tooth extractions and have been serving London patients for over 18 years with more than 500 positive reviews.


Recovery after tooth extraction

The recovery following a tooth extraction is a relatively short period for more people, ranging between seven to ten days until full healing or the gum. Patients can sense a mild discomfort after the sedation effect wears out, and the pain can be avoided with the help of over-the-counter pain killers.

To avoid a dry socket, we strongly recommend that you cease smoking until full recovery, and consume soft foods only for a couple of days, chewing on the opposite side of the mouth. Avoid drinking with a straw, spitting, and sneezing (to the best of your abilities) within the first 24h after the extraction.