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Remote Dental Appointments

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The science behind remote dental appointments

To provide you, our patients, with the best possible service and in favour of our Green Dentistry policy, we have teamed up with Dental Monitoring, offering you the opportunity to take advantage of remote dental appointments.

Typically used in orthodontics (for teeth straightening), Dental Monitoring converts your smartphone into a 3D scan and helps your orthodontist track your treatment from a distance. You simply place your device in the ScanBox we will provide you with, open the Dental Monitoring mobile app, and take a scan every time your doctor requests one.

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Who can take advantage of remote dental appointments?

In Orthodontics (teeth straightening)
If you’ve been dreaming of a straight smile for a while, but your busy lifestyle doesn’t seem to allow regular visits to the dentist’s office, worry no more! With Dental Monitoring, we can now offer you teeth straightening requiring fewer visits to the clinic.

In Dentistry & Periodontics
If you’ve suffered a gum disease or simply want to ensure your oral health is impeccable, we can offer your remote dental appointments to ensure regular monitoring even when you cannot visit your dentist.

Remote dental appointments with an Invisalign treatment

Gaining more and more popularity, Invisalign’s clear aligners are often the treatment of choice of professionals who cannot afford visible braces. To make Invisalign treatment more accommodating to the busy lifestyle of people in senior job roles, we’ve added remote dental appointments as part of the process. Whether you need to attend a conference or close a client thousands of miles away from London, your treatment can continue actively with just a quick scan every so often.

Designed to track the progress of straightening with invisible aligners, Dental Monitoring will allow your orthodontist to oversee your progress and help you achieve your desired smile. Additionally, the regularity of appointments, albeit virtual, enables us to speed up your treatment when possible or to slow it down when your teeth require just a few extra days.

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Remote appointments for lingual or fixed braces

While carrying out active treatment for patients with fixed or lingual braces is not to be conducted with the Dental Monitoring scan and app, the information regularly provided to your orthodontist will help them better understand the progress. This will enable your specialist to invite you for appointments at the best time when most work can be carried out, and your treatment progresses as rapidly as possible.

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How remote dental appointments make life easier

Teeth straightening, like every other process which depends heavily on biological factors and lifestyle, is unpredictable at the start. Although your dentist will be able to provide a timeframe based on their experience with cases, similar to yours, no precise timeline can be set. Once the estimation is done, appointments are typically scheduled for you to visit your orthodontist every 6 or 8 weeks when adjustments to the treatment are made, and the timeline is edited if necessary.

With remote dental appointments, possible with the help of Dental Monitoring, your orthodontist can speed up the treatment and make the necessary adjustments to it much more manageable. Imagine, for example, that your orthodontist is trying to rotate a tooth to continue the treatment. Instead of sending you away and seeing you after 6 or 8 weeks, your clinician can check your progress weekly and get your treatment going as soon as the results are achieved. This saves you time and helps ensure that your oral health is tracked far more precisely than it would have been otherwise possible.

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Green Dentistry Policy

Offering remote dental appointments is part of Baker Street Group’s Green Dentistry policy. To find out more about the actions, we have taken and our dedication to Green Dentistry, click below.

Green Dentistry