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Enlighten Teeth Whitening offer

We’re delighted to offer our patients a fantastic opportunity to receive the healthy white smile you’ve always dreamt of at an amazing price! The offers include Dental check-up and hygiene, and professional whitening:

  • £500 for Dental Check-up + Combination Enlighten Teeth Whitening + Scale and Polish*, or
  • £550 for Dental Check-up + Combination Enlighten Teeth Whitening + AirFlow Stain Removal*.

With Enlighten’s guaranteed results, you can achieve a healthy smile with teeth up to 16 shades lighter! Book your appointment at our King’s Cross clinic (LDN Dental) or our Earl’s Court clinic (The Dental Lounge) to take advantage of this incredible offer.

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Special Offer

Dental Check-up + Combination Enlighten Teeth Whitening + Scale and Polish*
Dental Check-up + Combination Enlighten Teeth Whitening + AirFlow Stain Removal*

Dental Check-up & Hygiene Deals

To support our clients on their quest for a beautiful and healthy smile, we’re delighted to offer you a choice between two dental check-ups and hygiene deals to suit any need.

With a choice between scale and polish or AirFlow Stain removal, you can rest assured that you’d leave one of our clinics with a thorough dental examination (all small X-rays are included in the price) and teeth a few shades lighter than before.

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Special Offer

Dental Check-up + Scale & Polish*
Dental Check-up + AirFlow Stain Removal*

Why combine dental check-up and hygiene in a deal?

The first step to a beautiful smile is a healthy one. A regular teeth examination will help you identify any issues your teeth may have in the onset, sparing you the pain, discomfort, and expenses that caries may cause if left untreated.

During your dental check-up, a review of the gums is also carried out to ensure the soft tissue is healthy and protects the roots of your teeth. This is where dental hygiene comes into play. When carried out by a professional in a dental office, hygiene helps clean both the exposed tooth and part of the root under the gumline.

Both dental check-up and hygiene are entirely pain-free procedures that bring your oral health the utmost benefit when carried out regularly.

What to expect from a dental check-up?

Our dentist will carefully review all of your teeth and gums during the dental check-up to ensure that everything is healthy. If the enamel appears compromised on any of your teeth, the dentist will take a topical X-ray to identify the level of damage and inform you on what your next step needs to be.

If you visit us regularly (the general recommendation is every 6 months), our dentists will be able to identify issues early in the process. This enables us to treat the tooth while the caries is still tiny and hasn’t reached the inner layers of the tooth. When a cavity is treated early, the filling tends to be very small and is unlikely to break, chip, or cause any other issues.

The dental check-up doesn’t involve active treatment; therefore, no sedation is necessary, and you won’t feel any pain.

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Scale and polish: who is it for, and why is it important?

Scale and polish is the most common dental hygiene procedure. During your appointment, the dentist will gently clean your teeth with professional instruments and materials, ensuring no plaque or tartar built-up remains. Unlike home brushing, which only cleans your teeth above the gumline, scale and polish is a more thorough plaque removal procedure reaching slightly under the gumline and removing the bacteria that you wouldn’t be able to clean by yourself.

With modern food containing large amounts of sugar and starch, a scale and polish procedure is recommended every six months. By removing the built-up bacteria, this procedure allows your gums to remain healthy and hold tightly around your teeth, sparing you from many potential gum issues (England’s most common dental problem).

Scale and polish is recommended for every adult over the age of 20 and often whitens your teeth with a few shades in just one procedure.

AirFlow Stain Removal

AirFlow stain removal is a modern approach to dental hygiene. It is particularly suitable for people who have stained teeth due to coloured food or drink, as well as those with mild cases of discolouration. The procedure uses a combination of air, jet water, and fine powder to remove stubborn stains from your teeth without harming the enamel.

The procedure lasts approximately 30 minutes and will leave your teeth looking and feeling remarkably fresh and clean. The natural whiteness of your teeth will be brought back with all stains removed, and your teeth might actually look a few shades whiter than before the procedure.

Please note that AirFlow stain removal may not be suitable for those with composite or porcelain veneers, where specialised cleaning is required.

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