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Having bad breath should not be something that you should be embarrassed about since they could be symptoms of an underlying condition like diabetes, acid reflux and heart burn. People, who are taking antibiotics or on a low-carb diet, can even make their bad breath considerably worse. Since this condition can be traced to health factors, it should be checked and treated.

There are many factors that could give a person bad breath, in addition to the disorders mentioned above. Poor dental hygiene, dry mouth and periodontal or gum diseases can also cause bad breath.

We have a team of expert dentists and hygienists who can provide you with a tailor-made treatment program to address your bad breath problems. These dental professionals will try to determine the root cause and then design an effective treatment plan that could involve the use of therapies like ultrasonic scaling and polishing, nutritional advice and an oral hygiene program.

Included in our wide selection of maintenance products is the popular  Fresh Breath System- Breath RX, which was developed by the world-renowned Dr. Bill Dorfman. All our products.

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