Five Christmas Food Swaps to Protect Your Teeth

Christmas is almost upon us, and you can bet your bottom dollar, most people are looking forward to indulging in a festive feast. While rich, decadent food is part and parcel of the Christmas celebrations, it is beneficial to keep an eye on what you eat, and to take steps to protect your pearly whites. If you’re looking for some healthy food swaps this winter, here are some festive treats your teeth will love:

  1. Chocolate-covered Brazil nuts for hazelnuts: chocolate is laden with sugar, which spells bad news for your teeth and gums. Instead of munching on Brazil nuts smothered in chocolate, opt for hazelnuts instead. Hazelnuts are a good source of calcium, which is essential for strong, healthy teeth.
  2. Sugared almonds for almonds: sugar-coated almonds are a Christmas staple, but they’re also really bad for your teeth. Opt for plain almonds instead. You’ll lower your sugar intake, and almonds are also a great source of calcium.
  3. Christmas pudding for cheese and grapes: if you’re looking for a tooth-friendly dessert option, a cheese board is the way to go. Cheese is low in sugar and high in protein and calcium, and it has a high pH value, which can help to neutralise acids in the mouth. Add grapes to up your fruit and vegetable intake.
  4. Sugary cereals for porridge: on Christmas Day, you’ll need all the energy and stamina you can muster to make it through gift opening, roasting a turkey and completing a games marathon, so opt for a substantial, hearty, healthy breakfast. Instead of sugary cereals, go for porridge. Oats are high in fibre and low in sugar, and they also release energy slowly to keep you fuller for longer.
  5. Brandy butter for crème fraiche: brandy butter is high in fat and it’s also packed with sugar. If you’re looking for a slightly lighter, less indulgent accompaniment for your pudding, go for crème fraiche. You’ll save yourself a load of calories and you’ll also increase your calcium intake.