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Considered to be a dental team's specially-trained members, dental hygienists perform a major role when it comes to providing dental care, gum disease prevention and maintenance of all types of restorations including fillings, bridges and crowns.

The responsibilities of these dental hygienists are divided into two. One is polishing and scaling the teeth. The other one involves providing patients with information on how to maintain and establish an effective dental hygiene program. This program is specially-designed to meet the patient's needs and capabilities. It is particularly important for patients with restorations to understand the importance of correct oral hygiene. These restorations are usually the perfect place where plaque can accumulate. If these plaques are not removed, they could affect the restorations life span.

Your dental hygienist will make it his responsibility to remove the plaque build up as well as calcified plaque using instruments that are specifically-designed to remove plaque effectively.

In addition to the services that our dental hygienist will provide, we will also teach you how to effectively remove plaque on a daily basis, in order to avoid build up. This will naturally involve thorough brushing using fluoride toothpaste. Also, we will teach you how to properly floss your teeth using standard floss, inter-space brush and even wood sticks. With our wide selection of available dental hygiene products, you and your hygienist can determine which products work for you best.

Further information on oral hygiene, teeth brushing and using dental floss

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