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Dental bonding & white fillings in London

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Before, a chipped tooth is fixed using cosmetic contouring or even dental crowns. Now, dental bonding has changed how chipped teeth are fixed. The procedure involves the application of a resin composite to the tooth. The resin can be moulded quite easily to the tooth’s remaining structure, making it whole.

Dental bonding, or hand-carved veneers, can be the perfect treatment option to teeth problems including:

In most instances, patients who undergo dental bonding procedure only visit the dentist once. And because the procedure is painless, local anaesthesia is not required. The System of Air Abrasion is also used in the bonding process. For natural-looking results, the dentist will choose a resin composite that possess the same shade as the patient’s teeth. Once the perfect shade is chosen, a liquid bond is applied to the tooth for the attachment of the resin composite. The dentist will shape the resin, mould it to the tooth perfectly and then polish it.

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