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Cosmetic Contouring London

The process of cosmetic contouring involves teeth re-shaping. After the procedure is completed, patients will observe a notable change in the appearance of their teeth. Cosmetic contouring can be considered as the perfect treatment for chips and small fractures of the teeth. It does not require the use of anaesthesia and only involves very minimal tooth reduction. Basically, it removes the rough spots on your teeth, making them appear smoother.

In addition to making teeth smoother, cosmetic contouring can be used to correct crooked or crowded teeth. It makes the teeth appear straighter.

One reason why cosmetic contouring is popular is because the process is anaesthesia-free. For most, it is the perfect solution requiring little or no maintenance at all. Aside from this, it is perhaps the quickest and most conservative of all treatment options. However, how much of the teeth can be removed depends on the patient’s bite.

In most cases, cosmetic contouring is perfect for conditions where front teeth, either on the upper or lower portion, are mildly-crowded.

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