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Dr Rockwell L.John

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Mestrado em Medicina Dentaria (Dental Medicine) Fernando Pessoa 2016
GDC No: 267721

Dr John Rockwell holds the following degrees:

  • MPDH (Masters of Public Dental Health) from the University College London in preventive dentistry; and
  • DMD (Doctor of Medicine in Dentistry) from Portugal.

Dr Rockwell’s career has taken him around the world. He has practised dentistry in both emergency dental care units and private hospitals in the UK, Europe, Asia, and the Middle East. His interests are in the fields of cosmetic and prosthetic dentistry and facial aesthetic treatment (such as dermal fillers).

Dr John Rockwell is an invaluable part of the team at Emergency Dentists. His most distinct professional interest is in curing occlusion-related issues (snoring and teeth grinding) with the use of mandibular devices.


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