Dr Angelo Leone


Dr Angelo Leone is a Professor of Histology and Embryology at Medical and Dental School in Palermo, Italy since 2001. From 2009 to 2019 he was a visiting Professor at Craniofacial Department, King’s College London-UK and is a Member of the International Scientific Associations and a Fellow member of the British Academy of Higher Education.
His main research field is Oral Histology.

Dr Angelo Leone is currently involved in a project on the expression of odontogenic genes in dental pulp stem cells. In addition, he has developed a project with the Department of Human Morphology of the American University in Beirut, Lebanon on the structural and metabolic modification of human dental pulp after orthodontic treatment. He coordinates a group of research between Palermo and other international Universities about scientific research on Odontogenesis, Dental Pulp pathology and Salivary Glands. Recently joined a group of research which, also, involve the Universities of American University of Beirut- Lebanon, Georges Washington University, Washington DC, USA and Oakland University, Rochester MI, USA.

Dr Leone has 25 experience as an orthodontist, practising different orthodontic techniques, classic and modern to be adapted in the different situations that arise in clinical practice. Born in Italy, in 1967.
graduated in Odontology and Dental Prosthetic at the University of Palermo, Italy. Orthodontic Specialist with 110/110 cum Laude, University of Palermo. PGCAPHE ( Post Graduate Certificate Academic Practice in Higher Education) Kings College London 2014. Research interest: Effect of orthodontic traction on Human Dental Pulp. Expression of some odontogenic genes in Stem Cells. Salivary Glands.


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