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If you are looking for a permanent and painless solution to your stained, discoloured, misaligned or chipped teeth, you should consider LUMINEERS by CERINATE. Compared to traditional veneers, LUMINEERS by CERINATE are veneers made from the patented Cerinate porcelain and known to last for 20 years. These veneers come in a very thin form and are applied to the teeth directly. The removal of any sensitive tooth structure is not even required before application.


Other features of LUMINEERS by CERINATE include:

  • It does not require anaesthesia since the removal of sensitive structures in the tooth is not needed or done very minimally;
  • The Cerinate Porcelain, which comes as thin as soft contact lenses, is surprisingly durable and could last for as long as 20 years, as proven in several clinical studies;
  • It could easily straighten mildly misaligned teeth;
  • It exhibits versatility since it can be applied over old restorations;
  • It does not stain or become discoloured, providing you with permanent white teeth;
  • Instantly changes teeth appearance and shape as well as lengthens and strengthens them;
  • It provides dentists with more options.

Lumineers provides satisfaction to both the dental community and patients.

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