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Losing a tooth due to trauma or decay is a serious matter. Although dentures and bridges are common, replacing the tooth with dental implants has become more popular. Perhaps it is because, they offer a long-term solution. In fact, these dental implants can last for as long as 25 years, especially if they are well-cared for.


Basically, a dental implant works as an artificial root. They come in the form of titanium posts or screws and attached to the jaw bone by surgery. In time, these dental implants will be fused with the surrounding tissue. They also do not require drilling or preparing the other teeth for attachment, unlike dental bridges.

These dental implants are not noticeable and can not actually be distinguished from the other teeth. They will basically function, look and feel like natural teeth. With dental implants, the bone structure of the jaw is also repaired and restored.

Our clinic in London offers a wide variety of dental implant systems. Of course, you will be thoroughly checked by excellent dentists in order to determine which implant system suits your needs.

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