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CEREC Veneers and Crowns

An advanced system that can easily restore damage teeth and effectively improve appearance, CEREC 3D Ceramic Studio is one of the in-house treatments, offered at our clinic in London. This treatment system uses naturally-coloured ceramic restorations, which are permanent in nature.

The CEREC 3D is basically a computer system designed to remove the need for dentists to obtain dental impressions as well as temporary restorations during veneer, fillings and crown preparations. This effectively reduces the number of times the patient would have to visit the dentist. With this system, a patient will only have to go to the dentist once because the treatment process is very simple. Using a 3D CAD/CAM camera, an image of the affected tooth is obtained. The powdered image will then be used to design the restoration. After completing the design, it will be sent to a milling machine (on-site), which will create the restoration out of a porcelain block. And because it uses the latest technology, the final restoration is completed after just a couple of hours.

With the introduction of this restoration system, all discoloured and chipped teeth can easily be replaced with veneers and crowns made from porcelain. Even broken-down molars may be restored with the use of onlays and inlays. The unflattering silver fillings will not even be considered as options! All our Cerec Veneers and Crowns are manufactured at our associate Labs.

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